The Bruins had a total of ten picks, six in the first two rounds. GM Don Sweeney purposely collected draft choices on this draft day in hope of trading up to grab the highly touted and local defensive standout Noah Hanifin. It was of course too good to be true. How close Sweeney was to the deal with Arizona we don’t know, but, if it was as rumored, it was really too bad it didn’t go through as Hanifin stepped right in NHL action and is everything anybody could ask for.

A quick history of the Bruins search for defensemen in the NHL Entry Draft over the years.

Looking back it’s been remarkably hard for the Bruins to draft and develop a real good allround defenseman. There are exceptions like the draft in 1979, of course, when the Bruins really struck gold drafting not only Raymond Bourque who is the second best allround defensemen ever to play in the NHL second only to Bobby Orr. Bruins were also able to find Brad McCrimmon at #15 in that 79 draft. 

Bourque and McCrimmon were often on the ice together as a defense pair even in their rookie season. They were that good. Unfortunately McCrimmon only played three seasons in Boston. The Bruins needed a first string goalie however and to get that goalie, Pete Peeters, they had to send a first class player, McCrimmon, to Philadelphia Flyers, where McCrimmon played all star defense for many years.

In the summer of 1981 the Bruins made a deal with the Colorado Rockies sending C-RW Dwight Foster to the Rockies for a second round pick in 1982. They also switched first round draft choices for the 1982 NHL Entry Draft. The incredible thing that happened was Colorado dropped to last place and the Bruins near top as usual. Thanks to that the Bruins suddenly had the first pick in 1982 NHL entry draft. 

The Bruins needed a replacement for an aging Brad Park and found just that in 6’4″ 210 lbs defenseman Gord Kluzak playing in the WHL. Kluzak had also starred for Canada as they won their first ever World Junior tournament in 1982, played in USA.

Gord Kluzak was not only named to the World Juniors All Star team. He was named best defenseman in the tournament. Kluzak was 1-2 with Bellows. Bruins then GM Harry Sinden took a lot of heat for not drafting RW Brian Bellows who later would become a 50 goal scorer. At the time I was all along in with Sinden doing the right thing. Especially great was that in agreeing not to take Bellows first. He recieved top prospects Brad Palmer, 21 and had just made his NHL debut in the playoffs. Looked very good. He was a fast skating left winger with a tremendous canon of a shot, a goalscorer and seemed perfect for the Bruins. They also acquired Dave Donnelly. A 19 year old promising winger skating for the Canadian Olympic Team. It was like getting a first and a second round draft pick extra. They were not going to succeed unfortunately.

In hindsight, Sinden should have gone off the board and drafted #5 Scott Stevens. Stevens wasn’t at all considered in the same class as Brian Bellows or Gord Kluzak. #3 was another injury prone big defenseman out from WHL named Gary Nylund.

Kluzak could have been the great defenseman as he was at times. When he was healthy. He was superb in his second season and fourth not to mention his 1987-88 season when he teamed up with Ray Bourque to become the best defensepair in the 1988 Stanley Cup playoffs. It was tough to see Gordie trying but, tragically, his knee’s couldn’t take it. Just as tragic as the Bruins lost a future all star in left winger Normand Leveille and just as tragically the career of Bruins great Bobby Orr and Cam Neely’s career were cut short by severe injuries. 

I have thought alot about what would have been had Leveille and Kluzak been able to continue to develop into real star players which was almost certain. There could have been a Stanley Cup in Boston for Ray Bourque and Cam Neely.

Three more defensemen deserve being mentioned as successful draftees. They are Glen Wesley drafted #3 in 1987. Kyle McLaren as #9 in 1995 and then Dougie Hamilton as #9 in 2011. The Bruins did try to find defensemen but they couldn’t get the right one. Harry Sinden loved a great defenseman as much as anybody. Just never succeeded drafting that star until he struck gold or rather won the jackpot in 1979 taking Raymond Bourque #8.

While this was a little off the chart, but, an interesting topic and important issue on Bruins hockey in general. You need solid defensemen to win. We saw this of course during the Bobby Orr years, he lead the Bruins to two Stanley Cup wins. Ray Bourque lead the defense for two decades, while not winning hockey’s ultimate prize, he won everything else. Kept the Bruins at or near the top. Had Bourque had a little more or better support on defense a Cup win could have been a fact and not only a close runner up. Likewise in the Brad Park years. It proved very clearly in 2011 when the Bruins top two, Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg, dominated the opponent players. Backed up by a formidable second pairing in Andrew Ference and Johnny Boychuk. I still think the key to the Bruins Cup win lies in thet defense pair. Further more it proves how you keep a contending team every year.

There are always an indication. It is clearly evident the Bruins defense, the last two years, have not been up to par and the prize paid, not addressing the needs was missing the playoffs two years in a row. This is per Boston Bruins standard “extremely disappointing” as President Cam Neely correctly put it. The status of the Bruins defense could change in a not too far distant future. It is more than a few hopefuls. Several very good defensemen has been drafted and while it’s still early, Jeremy Lauzon could be one of the best allround defensive prospect along with Charlie McAvoy, Jakub Zboril and Brandon Carlo. You could probably add the names of Rob O’Gara, Matt Grzelcyk and Ryan Lindgren to the list of competitors.



1st round  –  #13 overall
Jakub Zboril  D
Brno, Chech Republic
Feb 22, 1997
6’2″ 200 lbs  –  shoots left
2015-16  Saint John’s  QMJHL

Jakub Zboril is a world of hockey talent. He can do it all with seemingly ease. A smooth skater, with a booming slapshot, can make quick transition plays and superb outlet passes. Quite advanced defensively for a young player. Tough as nails and willing to fight. Plays with an edge. Good size at 6’2″ 200 pounds, the left shooting Zboril from Chech Republic seems to have it all going for him and should be challenging for big league job with the Boston Bruins.

However there are a few issues and question marks concerning this kid. What is a bit remarkable is, Zboril,  seems to lose all his natural tools or forget them on the bench sometimes. As good as Zboril can be most of the time, he can be quite the opposite. Either he starts thinking to much or not at all. He loses focus on what he’s doing, leaving it up his teammates to cover for his erratic play. He is even aware of this himself. It is confusing, Zboril, seems to make most hockey analyst confused. This of course must also be of concern for the Bruins management.

Now, maybe it’s just  a maturing process. His teammate and sometimes partner, Thomas Chabot, had a superb season and was heralded as a genuine top rearguard prospect for Ottawa Senators. His play at this  year’s development camp was so disappointing it made big headlines. It is an up and down world, a lot of pressure to handle for 18-19 year old kids. It’s no wonder so many fails making it to the NHL. They are all different personalities and if you come this far being drafted. Perhaps signed your first NHL contract and it’s for three years. A bonus near $100.000 may have come with it directly deposited into your bank account. You’re able to buy a fancy car and it’s easy to think you are safe for three years.

When it comes to being an NHL player you’re never really safe. To have continued success you have  to have that will and strong desire for as long as you play. Discipline.
Always come to think of Raymond Bourque when seeing or hearing about young top prospects like Zboril and Chabot.

Bourque was on NHL First All Star Team and Rookie of the Year in his first NHL season. No other rookie defenseman has ever made the first all star team, before or since Bourque did it in 1979-80 season. Bourque is the most well conditioned hockey player I have ever seen. So very dedicated. No wonder he could maintain such high standard longer than anybody else.

Hopefully guys like Zboril and Chabot will realize this before it’s too. Dedication and discipline is tough when young and the whole world waiting for you. But, it is also the difference between the Bourque’s and the Chara’s and a promising prospect, becoming nothing more than just a prospect. I like Zboril very much and he has played very well when I have seen him play. I’m just trying to analyse why all the conflicting reports. My guess is that Jakub Zboril will be a very good solid NHL defenseman.


1st round  –   #14 overall
Jake Debrusk  LW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Oct 17, 1996
6’1″  190 lbs  –  shoots left
2015-16  Red Deer   WHL

Jake DeBrusk is a very good NHL prospect. His start as a top prospect hasn’t been without  bumps and disappoinments and bad luck. He had a very unfortunate injury which hindered quicker progress. Have to admit I haven’t seen as much of DeBrusk as the other Bruins prospects and therefore I can only tell what other’s say. However I watched him play at the Memorial Cup tournament played in Reed Deer last May.

I thought DeBrusk played very well. He is a player that doesn’t really stand out much to make you notice him. However he does the little things well and is pretty smooth with the puck so he make it look easy. He has a very accurate shot, he’s very adapt at passing the puck too. It’s hard to predict where he ends up as a player as with other.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Jake DeBrusk having a very good rookie year in Providence. Should he end up for the overage year in WHL, I think he could score 40 goals again. Don’t think he will be such a big point producer in the pros but more like a good allround player. It will be very interesting to follow DeBrusk this season. It is a very important season for this Bruins prospect.


1st round   –   #15 overall
Zach Senyshyn  –  RW
Ottawa, ON, Canada
March 30, 1997
6’2″  200 lbs  –  shoots right
2015-16  Sault Ste. Marie  OHL

A controversial pick at the draft, but, Senyshyn really showed he was a good choice by the Bruins. The big right winger with explosive skating scored 45 goals in the OHL last season. Many of them highlight goals where Senyshyn simply blew past the defender on the outside. An exciting player with star power.

Wish he could be more aggressive and involved in plays more with or without the puck. Now he does it in spurts and to think he could deliver this continously is a scary thought of how good Senyshyn could be.

He and defenseman Jeremy Lauzon were the only Bruins prospects to be selected go Canada World Jrs first training camp sessions and a pre tournament in August in USA. The bad news is Senyshyn couldn’t be at the Bruins development camp because a bout with mono. How much that has affected Senyshyn is of concern. At least to be in shape for the Jr Nationals camp. It will certainly hurt his chances in August.

Hopefully he will be in better shape for the Bruins Rookie Camp in mid September. If continuing his rapid progress Senyshyn is perhaps the brightest Bruins prospect of them all.


2nd round – #37 overall.
Brandon Carlo    Defense
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Nov 26, 1996
6’5″ 215 lbs  –  shoots right
2015-16  Tri-City   –   WHL

Brandon Carlo was a fan favorite in Boston even before donning the jersey with the spoked B. At 6’5″ he is an imposing precence. But, I have followed the huge defenseman for three years. I can tell you two things. First I was really surprised how mobile and really good skater this big guy was.
Secondly he was so cool calm collected in every move, every thing he did with the puck. He moved it pretty smooth and always made a good pass. He is smart in that he makes a short pass to the teammate closest. Always on the blade. He is not a big hitter although he has stepped up a notch when it comes hits and toughness. No mean streak, but, like showing he is there to check any incoming intruder and either sweep the puck away with long reach or pin the attacker to the boards.

I would say Brandon Carlo will make the Bruins this fall. He is the perfect fit for coach Claude Julien. He won’t wow you with anything spectacular, but, more importantly. He won’t hurt his team being out there. If there ever was a rookie defenseman Claude Julien would fall in love with it must be Brandon Carlo or he doesn’t exist.

A good guy all around. He has played very well in two straight world jrs tournament. In Finland last year it was more common that not Carlo and his defense partner Zach Werenski played 30+ minutes a game. They were easily the best defense pair in the tournament.


2nd round – #45 overall
Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson  Center
Stockholm, Sweden
Oct. 31, 1996
6’1″  190 lbs  –  shoots right
2015-16  Boston University NCAA
2016-17  Boston University NCAA

Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson is not a typical Bruins type. The first thing you notice is he’s got the longest name in hockey. Remarkably he’s been compared to Bruins great center Patrice Bergeron. Not because Patrice also had a double name when drafted. Remember Bergeron-Cleary?

More seriously, Jakob is the real deal and so highly regarded by the Bruins management there’s been whisper about signing the two way center even before finishing his college career at Boston University. The native of Stockholm Sweden is mature and like Carlo very cool calm on ice. Knows where he is and where his teammates are. Very good defensively and on faceoffs.

I think it’s not a bad choice to compare him to a young Bergeron. Just like Patrice, Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson is equally gifted offensively and a player who can run a power play. He is a thinking hockey player and has a very high level of hockey sense which help make him such a good hockey player.

To really appreciate Forsbacka-Karlsson you must do a little thinking yourself remembering all little things he did throughout the game. The play that lead to a scoring chance or he prevented a good scoring chance for the opposing team.


2nd round  –  #52 overall.
Jeremy Lauzon   Defense
Val d’Or, Quebec City,  Canada
April 28, 1997
6’2″  210 lbs  –  shoots left
2015-16  Rouyn-Noranda  QMJHL

Jeremy Lauzon is one of the best prospect in the Bruins entire organisation. Lauzon keeps improving every year. A steady course, a pattern, driven by his will to become better. It’s well known how much the Bruins like him. Hearing this quote from the Bruins GM Don Sweeney, when saying “Jeremy Lauzon’s compete level is off charts”. This must be one of the finest compliments for a young player to hear and a real confidence booster for Jeremy Lauzon.

In fact, last year at the Development Camp Lauzon was told by the Bruins staff to get more involved in the offensive game. He took off like a rocket scoring points like a forward beginning last fall. He was invited to the Canadian World Jrs camp in December and was one of the last cuts from going to Finland. Canada should have kept him on the team as they could have needed some size and toughness on defense.

He also starred for the QMJHL All Stars against Russia. Lauzon scored a goal and assisted on two other to help Quebec win the series.

He suffered a few minor injuries in January missing quite a few games, but, always came back with the same strong play. At the end of the regular season Lauzon was selected to QMJHL second all star team. It was very well deserved after scoring 10 goals and 40 assist. 50 points in only 46 games played. He was also a +40 which was among the best in the entire league.

Lauzon continued his fine play in the playoffs and scored a goal and 7 assist in 9 games. Then something very rare and unfortunate accident happened on ice. As Lauzon fell to ice an enemy skate cut the side of his neck. This required surgery and Jeremy was expected to miss the rest of the season. It could have been worse but fortunately it went well. A strong willed and determined Lauzon announced a day before, the Memorial Cup playoffs were to begin, that he would be back on ice to play for his team Rouyn Noranda.

His comeback is worth to remember. First he ran over a Brandon player and knocked him out with a tremendous open ice hit. He got a minor penalty for being to rough on the play. After serving the two minutes he stepped out of the penalty box. He took the puck and sent a beautiful pass to teammate AJ Greer for a breakaway goal. 

He has very good skating skills, good shot and makes good passes. He can carry the puck out of the defensive zone or make a quick outlet pass. He can kill penalties or run a power play. He is used to log 25+ minutes a game. Once in a while he takes off for a rink long rush, but, he’s conservative. He can run you into the boards or run you over in midzone.

Lauzon is skilled enough, big enough and tough enough to become the best allround defenseman in Boston in a couple of years. He will play in Boston, if not this year, he will next year. Anyways he has already signed a three year NHL contract with Boston.

With all the young defensemen the Bruins have, the disadvantage Lauzon and Zboril face, is they probably will be returned to juniors no matter what they do in training camp.

Even though Torey Krug may not return to the lineup until November, the Bruins must play Colin Miller and Joe Morrow cause they are on one way deals. To think any of Adam McQuaid or Kevin Miller will sit in favor of a 19-year old rookie seems unthinkable. I do believe both Brandon Carlo and Rob O’Gara will be in Boston to start the season or at some point they will.

It is not impossible that among the eight best Bruins defensemen this year, four of them could be rookies. Carlo, O’Gara, Lauzon and Zboril. The talent is there for sure. To think the Bruins will play three or even four rookies on defense is not going to happen. I wish the Bruins let the kids come out and play and be joined in a year or two by Charlie McAvoy and the Bruins will be set on defense for the next decade.

My biggest fear here is that the Bruins in lack of patience or out of desparation would deal one of their young defensemen. You don’t need to be an Einstein to figure out who will garner most interest. Anybody in hockey circles couldn’t help notice the impressive play and improvement by Jeremy Lauzon and it would be the last player I would trade. The Bruins would really regret if they were to consider dealing him for almost any defenseman unless the Los Angeles Kings came offering Drew Doughty.


3rd round  –  #75 overall.
Daniel Vladar       Goal
Prague,  Czech Republic
Auguste 20, 1997
6’5″  185 lbs  –  catches left
2015-16  Chicago  USHL

Daniel Vladar is a very promising goalie. Coming off a strong season playing goal for Chicago Steels of the USHL. In a surprising and unexpected move the Bruins signed him to a three year NHL contract.

Vladar became the sixth player from the 2015 NHL Entry Draft to sign with the Boston Bruins. Now we all, including Daniel Vladar himself, wonder where will he play this season?

Providence Bruins are all but set in goal with Malcolm Subban and Zane McIntyre. Vladar has said he would like to remain in North America and play which is understandable. Don’t he will benefit more from the European game so hopefully he will find a place where he can play a lot of pro games this year. Unless the Bruins have an offer for Subban, which is highly unlikely, the best guess would be Atlanta Gladiators, the Bruins farm team in the ECHL.


4th round – #105 overall.
Jesse Gabrielle     LW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
June 17, 1997
6’0″  200 lbs  – shoots left
2015-16  Prince George  WHL

There was another player left to pick in the fourth round. If there is one player who was born to be a Bruins player it is Jesse Gabrielle. A real character guy who looks like a body builder and plays like a bigger version of Brad Marchand and fights like a Milan Lucic. If Jesse makes it to Boston he will be a big fan favorite guaranteed. Chances are pretty good he will. Gabrielle was ranked almost a second rounder at times before the draft. He was traded and what not made his stock drop all the way to the Bruins in the fourth round.

Jesse Gabrielle thanked the Bruins organization with a tremendous career year. He scored 40 goals and 76 points while spending almost 100 minutes in the penalty box. Gabrielle was outstanding for Prince George. Whether he was scoring goals and points, fighting the toughest guys or driving opponents crazy with his constant yapping. I bet Jesse who has all the makings of a star character to make the Bruins checking line in two three years making this the most successful draft for the Bruins since 1979.


6th round  –  #165
Cam Hughes    Center
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Oct 9, 1996
6’0″  175 lbs  –  shoots left
2015-16  Wisconsin  NCAA
2016-17  Wisconsin  NCAA

The slim built center will be entering his junior season at the University of Wisconsin. He was a big scorer in junior B. He has steadily improved in college and needs to gain more muscles on his tiny frame.

Hughes was the third pick from Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. Along with friends Jake DeBrusk and Jesse Gabrielle the boys from Alberta seemed to enjoy themselves very well at this year’s Development Camp. Hughes while displaying a knack for scoring goals and setting up plays, will face a much longer road if he is to make the Bruins. Compared to Gabrielle, Cameron Hughes isn’t at all that well trained. You never know, stranger things has happened.


7th round   #196 overall.
Jack Becker    Center
Duluth, Minnesota, USA
June 24, 1997
6’3″  200 lbs  –  shoots right
2015-16—-Sioux Falls  USHL
2016-17—-Wisconsin   NCAA

Jack Becker drafted out of high school is a long term project. Playing last season in USHL improved slowly. This year the big center 6’3″ will play at the University of Wisconsin with Cam Hughes and 2016 first round pick Trent Frederic. What make matters worse for Becker is that both friends from Bruins Development Camp also plays center. Maybe Becker will play right wing this year.

The Bruins will leave the guys to honor their skills in college. No need to rush them as they are far behind in development than the first eight players drafted by the Bruins.


Boston Bruins Development Camp Roster 2017

Jack Becker  C-RW 20 6’4 200 R
16-17  Sioux Falls    USHL
17-18  Michigan       Big Ten    Fr

Anders Bjork RW 21 6’1 190 L
16-17  Notre Dame   HOCKEY EAST  Jr
17-18  Boston Bruins  NHL

Ryan Donato C-LW 21 6’1 190 L
16-17  Harvard   ECAC   So
17-18  Harvard   ECAC   Jr

Trent Frederic C 19 6’2 200 L
16-17  Wisconsin    Big Ten   Fr
17-18  Wisconsin    Big Ten   So

Jesse Gabrielle LW 20 6’0 200 L
16-17  Prince George   WHL
17-18  Boston Bruins   NHL

Cameron Hughes C-LW 20 6’1 185 L
16-17  Wisconsin   Big Ten   Jr
17-18  Wisconsin   Big Ten   Sr

Mason Jobst* C 23 5’8 185 L  
16-17  Ohio   Big Ten  So
17-18  Ohio   Big Ten  Jr

Joona Koppanen C-LW 19 6’5 200 L
16-17  Ilves Jrs  U20  Finland
17-18  Boston Bruins  NHL

Karson Kuhlman* C-RW 22 6’0 180 R
16-17  Minnesota-Duluth   NCHC   Jr
17-18  Minnesota-Duluth   NCHC   Sr

Josh Melnick* C-RW 22 5’10 170 R
16-17  Miami   NCHC  So
17-18  Miami   NCHC  Jr

T.J. Moore* C-RW 22 5’8 170 R
16-17  Holy Cross   Atlantic   Jr
17-18  Holy Cross   Atlantic   Sr

R.J. Murphy* C-LW 19 6’2 200 L
16-17  Dubuque      USHL
17-18  Dubuque      USHL
18-19  Harvard        ECAC

Cedric Pare C-LW 18 6’2 200 L
16-17  Saint John    QMJHL
17-18  Saint John    QMJHL

Eric Robinson* LW 22 6’2 200 L
16-17  Princeton   ECAC   Jr
17-18  Princeton   ECAC  Sr

Zach Senyshyn RW 20 6’3 200 R
16-17  Sault Ste. Marie  OHL
17-18  Boston Bruins    NHL

Oskar Steen C-RW 19 5’10 180 R
16-17  Farjestad  SHL   Sweden
17-18  Farjestad  SHL   Sweden

Jack Studnicka C-RW 18 6’2 190 R
16-17  Oshawa  OHL
17-18  Oshawa  OHL

Victor Berglund RD 18 6’1 175  R
16-17  MoDo  Allsvenskan  Sweden
17-18  MoDo  Allsvenskan  Sweden

Ian Brady* RD 23 6’1 185  R
16-17  Omaha  NCHC    Sr
17-18  –

Daniel Bukac RD 18 6’5 205 R
16-17  Brandon   WHL
17-18  Brandon   WHL

Cameron Clarke RD 21 6’2 200 R
16-17  Ferris State  WCHA  Fr
17-18  Ferris State  WCHA  So

Jeremy Lauzon LD 20 6’3 210 L
16-17  Rouyn-Noranda   QMJHL
17-18  Boston Bruins      NHL

Ryan Lindgren LD 19 6’1 210 L
16-17  Minnesota  Big Ten Fr
17-18  Minnesota  Big Ten  So

Wiley Sherman LD 22 6’7 225 L
16-17  Harvard  ECAC   Jr
17-18  Harvard  ECAC   Sr

Urho Vaakanainen LD 18 6’2 190 L
16-17  JYP      SM LIIGA  Finland
17-18  SaiPa   SM LIIGA  Finland

Jakub Zboril LD 20 6’2 200 L
16-17  Saint John         QMJHL
17-18  Boston Bruins   NHL

Robert McGovern* GK 22 6’4 210 L
16-17  U Maine  HEAST  So
17-18  U Maine  HEAST  Jr

Jeremy Swayman GK 19 6’2 185 L
16-17  Sioux Falls     USHL
17-18  U Maine          HEAST   Fr

Dan Vladar GK 20 6’6 195 L
16-17  Providence  AHL
16-17  Atlanta         ECHL
17-18  Boston         NHL

Denote* Player in camp as invitee.

Jeremy Lauzon D and Cam Hughes C  recovering from injuries.

Bruins draft & trades never made.

Boston Bruins 2017 Entry Draft went as expected, quiet, despite rumors of the Bruins trading it’s first round pick to Minnesota for a defenseman. Jonas Brodin or Marco Scandeĺla.

Both would have  been fine acquisitions and a great help to the  Bruins defense. But, the offer to Minnesota wasn’t enough to make the trade. I like the two Minnesota defensemen, but, I don’t like the idea of signing Kevin Shattenkirk or Trevor Daley to multiyear contract.
Bruins Entry Draft 2017

Bruins 1st picked defense standout Urho Vaakanainen from JYP Finland elite league. Only 18, 6’1″ 185 lbs, the left shooting rearguard already plays at the highest level in Finland. Excellent choice even if the Bruins have several top prospects on defense.

2nd round pick. The fast improving center Jack Studnicka from Oshawa of OHL. Quick and skilled two way player sounds very good to me. Good size at 6’2″ 185 lbs. Shoots right. Great pick.

No 3rd. (See Zac Rinaldo)

4th round pick. Goalie Jeremy Swayman of Sioux Falls, USHL. He’s 19 6’2″ 190 lbs. Catches left.

No 5th round pick.

6th round pick. Big forward Cedric Pare from Saint John QMJHL. Steadily improving 18 6’3″ 205 lbs Shoots left.
Good pick

7th round picks Swedish defenseman Victor Berglund MoDo Superelite Jrs Offensively skilled. 18 6’0″ 170 lbs shoots right.
Daniel Bukac RD Huge but raw. A project. Brandon WHL 18 6’5″ 190 lbs Shoots right.

The Bruins draft went well but sort of dull. Wished they had picked up a couple of midrounders to use on highly regarded local goalie Keith Petruzzelli who played for Muskeegon USHL or big right winger MacKenzie Entwistle from Hamilton OHL or late round goalie prospect Cayden Primeau, Lincoln USHL or even USNTDP defenseman Nate Knoepke who wasn’t drafted at all.

Free agent signings start July 1.

Really don’t think anybody of the UFA’s of 2017 are too sexy and not alot of interest for the Bruins. Rumors will always circle at the start of free agency.

Don’t see much help for the Bruins here. I like Mike Condon 27 as a real good back up goalie. Bruins could have had him on waivers last year but passed. A Mass native he’s good goalie for 30-40 NHL games. Exactly what the Bruins need or rather what Tuukka Rask should appreciate as releif. Unfortunately Ottawa signed Condon to an extension today.

Brandon Smith and Karl Alzner are the most suitable defensemen of the UFA’s. Probably both the amount and time isn’t suitable for Boston. Smith also was signed to an extension by NY Rangers today.

I don’t believe in signing old stars nearing 40. No interest in Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau or Shane Doan.

Among the forwards there are some that are better than Jimmy Hayes and Matt Beleskey. My bet is Beleskey will get a chance to redeem himself.

The Bruins would probably like to get rid of Hayes and defenseman Adam McQuaid, but, neither garner much interest. Perhaps if they are sweetened with center Ryan Spooner and/or one of the Bruins highly touted prospects it could land them a player who could help the Bruins on a regular basis.

Top of the Bruins list. A big young left handed defenseman and a young speedy left winger.

From home runs to more regular scoops are in no particular order.

  • Noah Hanifin       LD 20 6’3 210 L Carolina Hurricanes
  • Jonas Brodin        LD 23 6’1 200 L
  • Marco Scandella LD 26 6’3 215 L Minnesota Wild
  • Matt Duchene     LW 26 6’0 190 L
  • Gustav Landeskog LW 25 6’1 200 L Colorado Avalanche
  • Jeff Skinner          LW 25 5’11 185 L Carolina Hurricane

Bruins spring 2017

The Bruins are down 3 games to 2  with Ottawa Senators after a heroic 2 goal game including the winner in 2nd OT by rookie Sean Kuraly.Bruins led by goalie Tuukka Rask and rookie defenseman Charlie MvAvoy. Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak has played very well. So has David Backes, Kevan Millar, Zdeno Chara and Riley Nash.
Decimated by injuries some more players has been called upon. Sean Kulary, Noel Auccari and Joe Morrow has stepped in and performed sensationally well. Of course it’s easy to say now, but, I have always thought Sean Kuraly would make a perfect Bruin in some form of a third or fourth line checking energy player with some scoring upside. Tremendous skater, he finish checks, hit, shoots and is a good penalty killer. In the 5th game against Ottawa he was everything and more. Boosted by veteran David Backes his confidence rose and he really deserved voted 1st star of the game. David Pastrnak was 2nd star. Obviously Tuukka Rask should easily have had one of the three stars, but, Kuraly deserved his as easily.Unfortunately Brandon Carlo, Adam McQuaid, Torey Krug are injured along with David Krejci and Colin Miller.
What will Butch Cassidy do with the decimated roster. With the positive results of bringing in Charlie McAvoy and Sean Kuraly, he may be brave enough to continue this youth trend. He could consider moving  Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson into Krejci spot. Other possibilities could see Danton Heinen or Jake DeBrusk as wingers. Peter Cehlarik too. On defense he has Rob O’Gara or perhaps Jeremy Lauzon. Lauzon brings a little bit of everything. He’s tough and good both ways and he is a very good skater.
Injuries are part of the game and will happen in a tough contact sport like hockey. There is one player the Bruins just can’t replace and that’s goalie Tuukka Rask. Most players can be more or less replaced, but, the Bruins would never survive without Rask.
Another things that has been working against the Bruins in the first five games (yes even in the 5th) has been the terrible state of refereeing. While the refs have been really bad. It is the damn ridiculous rules set by the NHL that must make it impossible for the refs. Get back to the old rules and stop the awful “coaching challenges etc”. The Bruins could have won this series already, but, it’s more their own fault than the referees. But, they should have won the game on Noel Acciari’s goal and they should have been awarded a goal when Jean-Guy Pageau stopped the puck with his hand laying in the goal crease which was clearly evident. Even if he didn’t touch the puck with his hand he has no business being there or doing that. It’s a foul play.
The Bruins can win this I’m sure. For that to happen a few things must change from previous games and a few things stay the same. Here it comes the keys to a Bruins victory in 7 games.
  • Tuukka Rask must be on top of his game and more in both games
  • Charlie McAvoy and the defense must be aware of the cross ice pass or center pass to the attacker trying to slip behind the Bruins defense. Bring in a good mobile defensemen like Joe Morrow who has done so well
  • Hard checking and pressure on Ottawa defensemen, especially on Erik Karlsson. He seems to be hurting so a few really hard hits at the beginning will make him more careful
  • Brad Marchand must step up and score goals and be the go to guy he can be. David Pastrnak and Patrice Bergeron will help him do so.
  • David Backes is becoming a leader of this group and he will bring physical forwards Sean Kuraly and Noel Acciari along and drive the Sens crazy.
  • Unsung hero for this game will be Frank Vatrano, but watch out for fire in Brad Marchand.
  • First game the Bruins aren’t that much affected by the refs or rules.
It’s pretty awesome that from the three last NHL Entry drafts the following players are already in Boston or Providence.2014 – David Pastrnak, Danton Heinen, Emil Johansson. (Anders Bjork and Ryan Donato are two of the top college players)
2015 – Brandon Carlo, Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson, Jake DeBrusk, Zach Senyshyn, Jeremy Lauzon, Jesse Gabrielle and Daniel Vladar. Sean Kuraly and Colin Miller from trade during NHL Entry draft that year. (Jakob Zboril is under contract but still in the QMJHL playoffs)
2016 – Charlie McAvoy, Joona Koppanen. In college Trent Frederic, Ryan Lindgren and Cam Clarke.It can’t look much brighter, even, though not all of them will turn out to be another Pastrnak or McAvoy. But it isn’t impossible that the Bruins could get quite a few NHL regulars.

From ’14 draft: Pastrnak, Donato, Heinen, Bjork and Johansson.

From ’15 draft: Carlo, Forsbacka-Karlsson, Lauzon, Zboril, Senyshyn, DeBrusk, Gabrielle and Vladar.

From ’16 draft: McAvoy, Frederic, Lindgren and Koppanen.

Others: Colby Cave, Justin Hickman.

Eight of ten players drafted by Boston in 2015 are signed to NHL contract and will play pro hockey. Let’s hope TD Garden will be rocking for years. Go Bruins

Hockey thoughts

The 2016-17 regular season in different hockey leagues are about to get close to the end. Soon the new season, the playoffs, are about to begin.

A few thoughts on the regular season and what surprised me as a hockey fan. Both positive and negative, as a Boston Bruins fan in particular. Also as a fantasy GM and how I ended up in my leagues.

First the fantasy hockey leagues, which was from day one, has been a very successful year. My drafting were very much dead on as the players I expected to come through, did just that in a very big way.

I went for youth and my strategy in the draft were almost 100% a success. The players I believed very strongly in and were the ones I built my teams around were almost identical as

Connor McDavid  C  Edmonton
Brad Marchand  LW  Boston
Mark Scheifele  C  Winnipeg
David Pastrnak  RW  Boston
Patrik Laine  RW  Winnipeg
Blake Wheeler  RW  Winnipeg
Mitch Marner  RW  Toronto
Nazem Kadri   C  Toronto
Logan Couture  C  San Jose
Drew Doughty  D  Los Angeles
Victor Hedman  D  Tampa
Ryan McDonough  D  NY Rangers
Oliver Ekman-Larsson  D  Arizona
Cam Fowler  D  Anaheim
Zach Werenski  D  Columbus
John Gibson  G  Anaheim
Tuukka Rask  G  Boston
Martin Jones  G  San Jose

Sure I lucked out in having so many players with break out seasons or rookies starring right away. McDavid as my first choice was never in doubt. That Pastrnak was even better than expected was nice, but, I kind of knew it was just a matter of time. Same for Scheifele.

I was pretty sure of Laine, but my best selections were probably Werenski and Marner.
The safe bets were Marchand, Wheeler, Couture, Doughty, Hedman, Ekman-Larsson, Rask, Jones and Gibson.

I had Frank Vatrano in from the beginning and he could have scored some 25 goals if being healthy.

Players like Kadri, Fowler, McDonough are pretty safe too.
Others I liked were Brandon Carlo, Auston Matthews, Matt Murray, William Nylander, Noah Hanifin and many more of the young talent coming in the NHL.

Holdouts by Jacob Trouba and Hampus Lindholm had little effect and injuries to Jonathan Quick, Steve Stamkos and Jack Eichel were replaced by the kids breaking through.

Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci had a terrible start in the season, but, came on as the year went.

The Boston Bruins have had a change of direction since Bruce Cassidy replaced Claude Julien as coach. Really the trio of Tuukka Rask, Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak has carried the Bruins all season. Now that finally Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci has found true to form and David Backes, Frank Vatrano, Ryan Spooner and newly acquired Drew Stafford has played better, the offense are coming. Not forgetting the play of Torey Krug, Zdeno Chara and Brandon Carlo on defense. Still not sure where you will find the Bruins when all is said an d done.

Instead the big buzz around Boston and the whole hockey world for that matter, seems to be the exciting group of talented prospects the Bruins have. It is certainly the best and most talented young players the Bruins have had since the beginning of 1980 when young players like Ray Bourque, Brad McCrimmon, Mike Krushelnyski, Keith Crowder, Barry Pederson, Steve Kasper, Normand Leveille, Gord Kluzak, Dave Reid and Lyndon Byers to name a few of that era.

The Bruins had four defensemen playing at the World Jrs in Canada. That group headed by World All Star Charlie McAvoy 19, also featured Jeremy Lauzon 19, Jakub Zboril 19 and Ryan Lindgren 18. Another Bruins prospect playing in the tourney was goalkeeper Daniel Vladar 19. Vladar is playing pro hockey already.

Exciting forwards like RW Zach Senyshyn 19, LW Jesse Gabrielle 19, C Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson 20 and RW Anders Bjork 20. College rookie sensation C Trent Frederic 18 and sophomore LW Ryan Donato 20. If McAvoy, Forsbacka-Karlsson and Bjork sign with Boston this spring, the Bruins will ice a very young talented squad in Boston and Providence next year.

Already in the pro leagues are defensemen Brandon Carlo 20 (Boston),  Rob O’Gara 23 and Matt Grzelcyk 22 (Providence). Forwards like LW Frank Vatrano 22 (Boston), RW Peter Cehlarik 20, RW Danton Heinen 21, LW Jake DeBrusk 20, C Sean Kuraly 23 (Providence). All but DeBrusk has played a few games in Boston. Also in Providence are top AHL goalie Zane McIntyre 24. G Malcolm Subban 23, LW Anton Blidh 20 and C Colby Cave 22 also rates as pro prospects.

Plenty of great talent and while not everybody will make it to the NHL, there is a good chance the Boston Bruins have secured the best talent the organization has seen in many years, perhaps as good as in the early 80’s.



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SHL in Sweden Saturday Game

The teams are my favorite SHL team Djurgarden (Michael Thelven) vs Rogle  Feb 4, 2017.

Honestly I expected a very intense game but I came away disappointed in both how the game went and the players I was there to scout.

Had a chance to see Bruins defense prospect. 20-year old Emil Johansson plays on first defensepair for Djurgarden. He was just selected to the Swedish National for a tournament in Finland later this month.

Also on the ice I was curious to see was 2017 Entry draft favorite. 17-year old defenseman #18-Timothy Liljegren who plays for Rogle.

Before going to this game I had recieved glowing reports Emil Johansson that he was read to play in the NHL right now.

After seeing this game I can assure you he is something along the lines of a Matt Grzelcyk. He played a total of 24 + minutes and that was mainly due to Djurgarden being the better and should have won the game. Another reason Johansson’s minutes are so high are because Djurgarden star defenseman Linus Hultstrom has not yet returned to the line up.

Johansson also showed on several occasions that he need to add strenght. He is losing alot of one on one batlles. He also tend to complicate plays by turning back another time and quick plays suddenly disappear. Still I have to say I liked Johansson. He has taleng, passing and skating.

For my money Emil Johansson remains behind most of the Bruins prospects. McAvoy, Lauzon, Zboril, Lindgren, O’Gara are far more ready for the pro game or Boston. Johansson will have to compete with Sherman, Clark and others to start with.

Looking at 2017 NHL draft eligible 17 year old defenseman Timothy Liljegren. He played only a few shift of a total of 1.10. He appears to have lost confidence in his game. I really try focused but he sat mostly on the bench. He only have average size at 6’0 185 shoots right and was a big disappointment me. Nothing to consider for the Bruins.